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My name is Susan Dreisch and I'm running for Howard County Board of Education so you can...

Get Back Control of
Your Child's Education

Our kids are falling behind in the classroom, because our current Board of Education is more concerned with politics than education. Together we can restore the world-class education our kids once had, and ensure that politics are removed from the classroom.

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The 3 Reasons I'm Running For Howard County Board of Education

There's a lot to get done, and we need to act quickly. On day one, I will be focussing on these three things for you:

3 Pillars
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Restore Your Parental Rights

As parents, you should decide how your kids are raised. Together we can:

  1. Bring 100% transparency to classroom curriculum

  2. Create Opt-in & Opt-out options for sensitive curriculum

  3. Keep your child in your neighborhood school

  4. Keep all medical and mental health decisions with parents


Protect Your Children

You deserve to know your child is 100% safe at school. We can ensure that by:

  1. Making sure EVERY child feels welcomed, loved and supported

  2. Placing an SRO (School Resource Officer) at every school in the county

  3. Returning order and discipline to the classroom

  4. Making sure classroom content is age-appropriate


Give Your Child A Real Education

We live in Howard County for the schools. It's time to restore that reputation by:

  1. Eliminate curriculum that creates division

  2. Keeping schools open safely (in person) 5 days a week

  3. Restoring high expectations In the classroom

Material That Does Not Belong In Howard County Schools

Here are just a few examples of content that is not appropriate for our kids. In most cases, this content has been brought into the classroom without informing parents at all. 

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Parents talking to the current HoCo Board of Education about the sexual material in schools. Surprisingly, the Board attempted to make them stop reading quotes from the books that are being given to our kids. (Fast forward to 2:32:00 into the Board Meeting video)

porn in schools.png

Screenshot from current books in our school libraries containing pornography and sexual content.

Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 10.19.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 9.15.15 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 11.24.01 PM.png

Search results from Howard County's own library database. Click here to view.

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At a Feb. 10 school board meeting, Wilde Lake High School health teacher Jonathan Shaw expressed his concerns to the Howard County Board Of Education regarding an assignment and a lesson plan that two of his students had separately confided in him about. (Watch the video above)

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This is not fair for our daughters. Our schools are destroying their athletic opportunities. They're losing competitions, they're losing scholarships, and they're losing the joy of their sports because they're competing against biological boys.

Get Rid Of

Proof Our Kids Are Falling Behind

The state released in December an early snapshot of the assessments, showing just 15% of public school students passed in math and 35% passed in English. It marked the greatest single-year declines on any state tests given in at least the past two decades in Maryland. Data released this week offered a deeper look at student proficiency within each school system.

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Baltimore Sun, February 25. 2022 LINK

peter banyas.png

Student Member of the Board, Peter Banyas, explains how the Board eliminating final exams in Howard County has hurt students looking to get into college.

Here's Why I'm Running...

As parents, we all deserve the right to decide how our kids are raised, and when they are exposed to certain things. We know our child better than the school system, and it's not their job to raise them for us.

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples like the one I'm about to show you.

On December 31, a mom gave her 7 year old girl 2 books about a trans boy.


“My daughter was extremely excited to receive these books she said…”

One month later, this same 7 year old girl told her mom she wanted to be a boy.

The mom was shocked. She said, my daughter has always been “a girly girl.”


The things we teach our kids have a profound impact on their development…

Especially when these things are being taught are not age-appropriate.

I remember when I was a little girl. We had health class in 6th and 7th grade.


Yes, they taught us about sex. And how the human body works.


But it was done at an appropriate age where I was developed enough to understand what was happening. 


The things we teach our kids have a profound impact on their development…

Especially when these things are being taught are not age-appropriate.

But at 5, 6 and 7 years old?

This is crazy and this is one of the things I vow to change, with your help.

Parents should be told about the content their child will be exposed, and be given the opportunity to opt out of it if they want. Sadly, this isn't happening as some teachers are bringing content into that classroom that is not approved.

Everyone has the God-given right to live how they want, and raise their children the way the want. 

No child should feel unwanted by the school system. No child should be left out, discriminated against, or put down because of their race, gender, or religion.

But there are things creeping into our schools that are creating even more division between students (and parents), when the schools should be working to bring students together.

"Do not pervert justice, do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly."


How To Help Us Reach 40,000 Parents In Howard County

28,162 Parents Reached

I have seen firsthand the generosity of parents like you in our county, and I know that together, we can create a school system we're proud of.

Our campaign has been completely self-funded until now, which is why if we want to get this message out to every parent in the county, we need your help.

You might not realize this, but a small $10 or $20 donation helps us put this message in-front of hundreds of new parents, and helps this movement grow even faster.

If you want to ensure that we make parents voices louder than ever, click the button below to donate to our campaign.

Know Someone Who Needs To See This?

Is there a close friend of yours that you know agrees with us and wants to see big change in Howard County?

If so, if you send me their name and cell number, I'd be happy to reach out and let them know about this campaign so we can keep spreading the word!

Who Should I Reach Out To?

Thanks so much!

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