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SUCCESS: You've joined thousands of parents who want change!

Thanks! Here's What To Do Next...

Thank you so much for showing your support for our Howard County schools! I'm excited to know there's people like you supporting our campaign to Restore Trust in our schools.


There are THOUSANDS of parents who agree with us, and together, I know we can:

  1. Restore Parents Voices & Rights

  2. Protect Our Children

  3. Give Your Child A World-Class Education

...but I need your help.

The Primary Election for Board of Education in Howard County is July 19th...and early voting starts July 7th.

We have to take back our Board of Education, because that's where the issues start. The Board is the reason Officers aren't guaranteed at all schools, they're the reason schools were shut down for so long, they're the reason final exams are cancelled again and again, they're the reason kids are being bussed into far-away neighborhoods, and they're the reason that politics has been prioritized over a world-class education for our kids.

It has to stop. And we can do it together on July 19th.

If you'd like a quick text message reminder about Election Day, just fill in your cell below and I'll send you a personal text to remind you in case you get busy.

Get A Text Reminder Before The Election on July 19th!

Thanks! I'll remind you then!

Here's How You Can Make Sure 1,000 New Parents See This...

I have seen firsthand the generosity of parents like you in our county, and I know that together, we can create a school system we're proud of.

Our campaign has been completely self-funded and self-promoted...until now.


Because people like you are stepping up together, we are about to create massive change in this county.


But if we want to get this message out to every parent in the county, we need to keep spreading the word.

Every share on social media and every small $10 or $20 donation puts this message in-front of hundreds of new parents, and helps this movement grow even faster.

You can use the buttons below to share this message with other parents online, or donate to the campaign which directly funds our advertising efforts to spread the word.

Thanks so much for you support! We will win this election and bring parents' voices back to the Board of Education.

- Susan

Is There A Personal Friend Of Yours That Needs To See This?

Is there a close friend of yours that you know agrees with us and wants to see big change in Howard County?

If so, if you send me their name and cell number, I'd be happy to reach out and let them know about this campaign so we can keep spreading the word!

Who Should I Reach Out To?

Thanks so much!

Early Voting Starts Soon!

Early voting starts July 7th, and the Primary Election is on July 19th. Help me (Susan Dreisch) win the Primary so we can make it to the general election and take back the board in November!

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